Sunday, August 23, 2015

Journal more better!

It's time for me start journaling more better! Not for you, for me, and for my children. Wow that sounds selfish...sorry, I love you, but I've got to do this for myself :) Some pictures, some old memories (documented on Facebook, but who's going to take the time to scroll through Facebook (besides me :) )? Family is important. Family brings joy. :) Dave and Jahde went backpacking tonight. Me and the other kids wrote letters to Brandon on his mission (he gets home in October! ) and we also wrote a couple letters to a cute neighbor boy who LOVES mail :) This morning I told kyle his room was messy and there was no room to walk. He fired right back, "mom, this is to help me with my balance and flexibility! ". He's hilarious. Ask him to show you his fake drama, you'll laugh,hard! :) and while you're at it, ask Toby and Lily how many apples they got while apple bobbing ;) My kids are so fun and bring me so much happiness, so much joy! I love them with all of my heart. I'm grateful for these moments and memories that make me smile! Oh, and I love my friend Claire, and my other friends (Vanessa, Emily, Cari etc etc). I love volleyball, esp outdoor! I love music and singing and harmonizing and dancing! I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love the peace, joy and love that I feel from serving and being obedient. Life is good! Life is good, but it's also fragile, so handle with prayer! ...And pray like it all depends on God, but work like it all depends on you! *These pics are not necessarily in order, so don't forget to look at the dates :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

I really like my kids

Toby "oh my gosh, you sound like a girl...wait, you ARE a girl!" Followed by hysterical laughter. Lily (when I was showing the kids a picture in the book I was reading) sighs of cuteness and "awww", followed by "I can't see it" LOL DJ "mom, can you hand me a tomato dipped in ranch. I don't like tomatoes, but I eat them anyway" Lexi "I bought a book and guess how much the tax was? Zero! I was so mad" Kyle *crash boom bang* he's sleep walking and killing yet another spider! And now for some recent pictures :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

DJ smiles

A couple Sundays ago, right in the middle of church we heard, "I drew a picture of a guy pooping". People sitting near us stifled their laughter. This Sunday--DJ returns from the bathroom with his tie in his hand, wet and dangling. He passes it to Kyle and says "I caught it right before it went down the toilet! I save it!" Stifled laughs from neighboring worshippers yet again (I thought I was going to lose it. Good grief :) He turned to me at the counter and said "mom, would you be a dear and pull my chair out just a snotch?" And when I asked him if I was the best mom in the world, he responded with "how would I know? I don't know what other mom's do!" Touche DJ :) These incidents coupled with him calling me "woman" or whispering "the old Ephraim" right before family prayer, keep us thoroughly entertained:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

~Yearly Update~

Has it really been a year since I blogged? I apologize to all of you wonderful bloggers out there, whose blogs I used to check on is most definitely my loss! Ever since I got a phone that has email and facebook on it, I don't use a computer much....I can honestly say I kinda forgot blogs even existed (please don't shun me, even tho I deserve it). I will try and do better about checking in on all of your wonderfulness. I will also try and update our happenings on a more frequent basis.

Let me give a shout out to Winkfotos for these great pics!!!

DJ is a busy, handsome 4 year old. He loves Legos, Lego Hero Factory and candy. He likes to style his long red hair like Justin Beber, or a rock star on occasion. He makes us laugh on a daily basis.

Lily just turned 7. Boy is she sweet! She amazes us with her talent- singing, dancing, writing, reading, drawing, sharing... If you haven't seen her youtubes, go now, hurry! :)(there's a link on the side --->)

Toby is almost 9. Still as strong and courageous as always. He loves sports. I hear on a regular basis that he is the best singer in primary. :)

Lexi will be 10 in April. She is starting ballet...those long skinny legs are perfect for dancing! We miss her when she's not here.

Kyle is almost 14. I was watching old videos and I really don't know where the time has gone. He plays the violin, piano, guitar and sings...all pretty much self taught....nice! He does a lot for our family and I'm grateful.

Brandon is 16 going on 17, innocent as a rose (or is that a Sound of Music song?). He is great at basketball and always encouraging us to get out there and play! I admire his sense of self and gratitude.

Jahde is 18....getting ready for a mission! I can't believe it either. He just started school at UVU and is enjoying the college scene. I appreciate his efforts to spend time with us despite a busy schedule/life.

I feel busy, really busy, but life is good. I serve as our region (coordinating council) women's sports director, primary teacher and sacrament chorister. Just yesterday in fact, our sweet organist thought the hymn was over after the 3rd verse, but there were 4, so I did a sorta awkward one note solo without was lovely. haha I am playing on a competative volleyball league after playing outdoor volleyball all summer and loving it. Dave is busy as YM president and coaching Toby's basketball team. He hasn't been to China in a few months and we've enjoyed having him around! I have an amazing family, as you can see! My tiny blurps don't do them justice :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

~How could I not be proud~

I have the most wonderful fantastic family!!! Toby turned 8 this year and was baptized!!! There were many times I wasn't sure he was going to make it to this special day....So happy for him and so grateful!! Then Kyle turned 13! I can't believe how grown up they both are! Kyle is an absolute life saver in my life....again, grateful!!! Then Lexi turned 9 (although I think she's tall enough to be 12)!! Then Brandon turned 16.....driving?!?! Brandon is a huge help around here too :) Then Lily graduated from Kindergarten! She sure is sweet! Then Jahde graduated from High School!!! Grateful for his example. Dave's birthday is Saturday, and then in August Jahde turns 18!! Where has the time gone? In between the milestones we have a few pics of 'awesome grandparents and family 'Lily getting an award in school' A visit to Hill Airforce Base' Gangsters' A tourist gone bad' Kyle playing violin (he has such an amazing ear)' Lily and DJ getting awards for taking a gymnastics class' Toby getting the Gold Medal in Math (very few ever get this, so it was a big deal!)' Super cute kids in trees' and MONKEYS haha
I recently had a biopsy on a lump on my thyroid. Scary stuff. But I am ok. Can I just express my sincerest gratitude for not having cancer! I kept telling myself I could face whatever was placed before me, but it was usually through tears. It's hard enough keeping up with 7 kids and super busy lives without adding even more meds and hospital visits!!! Yeah, grateful! Dave is traveling to China a lot, and really enjoys it. He serves in the Young Men's when he's home :) I might be bias, but I think we have the most amazing kids in the world!! :) Ahhhh grateful!!!